Do you think about volunteering but never make the call? Are you an activist looking for a group of like-minded citizens? Are you surprised by recent election results and wondering how to respond?

The recently published One Small Difference: Step into Action for a Better World, was written for people who want to change the world and serve in the world. This book will help move you beyond the dinner table conversation and into action in whatever way is right for you.

It's available on this Website, at Independent Bookstores, and on Amazon.

Step into Action


"Kerry Nelson recognizes the deep, unspoken desire in every person's heart: to connect and be of service.  Her beauty of a book brings trust and motivation to the hesitant as well as renewed inspiration to the veteran activist.  For the sake of life on Earth, may it find its way into many hands!" --Joanna Macy, Author of Coming Back to Life





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