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Individual Coaching

Turn towards action...

Start something new
Complete a project
Take action for a better world
Take time for inner healing and reflection

As your coach I can help you...

  • Tap into your courage and will to progress without being bogged down by self-judgment and worry.
  • Explore obstacles and supports to what you want to do.
  • Establish practices that will sustain you through the process of starting, continuing and finding completion in your endeavor or  our coaching work together.
  • Make lists and stick to priorities.

I will encourage you to establish a daily meditation, writing or related practice . I may guide you towards external resources. We will from time to time work with writing and other tools to help you uncover interests, blocks, and possibilities.



How do we start?

We have an initial conversation by phone to determine if we should work together.

Our first meeting is ideally in person for one hour to identify your goals and establish a plan for addressing them.

Then we set up a regular meeting time (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - whatever works).

Kerry's coaching is non-judgmental yet she manages to dig deep. She helped me uncover the path that I truly want to follow.” – Naomi

What does it cost?

I offer coaching on a donation basis. I ask that you give what feels appropriate for our sessions taking into account the value you receive from the work we do together and your own economic circumstances. That said, many people prefer a dollar amount. My suggested sliding scale is $40-$90/hour.



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