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Other Workshops and Events

2017 Workshops and Classes in the Works

Half Day Bay Area “Clearing Your Clutter to Make a Difference”:  This 4 hour class will help us notice the obstacles and openings we encounter when we seek to make a difference in roles of service or activism in our communities. Our blocks can range from lacking a clear idea of what to do, to experiences of overwhelm, procrastination, and feeling under-skilled. The openings can include supportive people and organizations, the inspiration to engage, and our authentic interest. The afternoon includes periods of mindfulness practices and meditation. 

Six Week Online “Step into Action”: This class is intended as a simple support to help you explore your own project for making a difference. You'll start by exploring what “making a difference” means to you and different ways you may want to engage. You'll take a look at why you need to engage, what suports your engagement, and what gets in your way. Can you begin this new activity in a way that is sustainable and in balance with your other life foci? This course will help you do just that. Within the supportive container of the workshop, you will directly engage in the issues you care about while taking time to notice and reflect on your relationship to the larger world. By the end of the workshop you will have in place a plan of action for engaging in a way that is sustainable for you. Online class:  One Small Difference book included. 

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