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Workshop People

"The workshop helped me to really zero in on the issue that is most inspiring for me." 

“The class helped me so much to gauge where I'm at as a climate engager, how I still struggle and take on too much guilt, and where I can nurture my sources of strength as a budding activist.  I'm so happy my mindfulness can infuse all my work from here on out.”

“I will share what I learned with others.”

"I liked how the facilitator encouraged interaction and sharing and community building."

"I liked the self reflection pieces. I found it very helpful in forming an intention in how I would like to structure my life in service in order to serve myself as well." 

 "I liked feeling that wherever I was starting from was fine because that was where I was needing to be."

"I loved the process of looking at the issues around engaging.  I especially enjoyed the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the material." 


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